Pornography: The truth

“If Anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.” – James 4:17 

In 2010, I went, with several of my friends, to a presentation that was given on the local college campus about sex trafficking.

During this event, they showed us a documentary with statistics and stories about women in the pornographic industry that had been trafficked. For instance, 1 out of 5 pornographic images are of a minor. They also presented the idea that although not all pornography involves trafficked women, the likelihood that someone addicted to pornography has viewed a trafficked woman and therefore supported their bondage was very high.

At that moment, this realization crushed me and at the same time delivered me.

It crushed me because I realized that, although unknowingly, I had been fueling the demand for pornography and women being abused. How could I live with myself? How could I do this to another living being?

I fell further into my internal misery when all of my girl friends with me began to discuss how horrible it was. “I just don’t even see how a girl could ever look at pornography. It is so disgusting!” That was one comment that would have prevented me from ever telling anyone what I had done.

And then the Lord made it impossible for me to continue to ignore his commands.

One of the friends with us just happened to be “the one” that God had told me I needed to talk to. As soon as the girls shared their disgust with women who could succumb to the world this way, she spoke up. “Oh, well I have looked at it.” She explained that she didn’t look at it anymore, but while everyone else was awkwardly trying to cover up their previous comments, I was filled with fear, joy, and anticipation all at once.

I could no longer ignore what God was telling me to do. It could not get any clearer that she was the one I needed to talk to.

That day is special to me for two reasons:

  1. I was finally listening to my Savior and drawing up the battle plans to carry out his orders.
  2. It was the day that I lost my desire to view pornography. I have not looked at it since.

“You may choose to look the other way but you can never again say you did not know.” – William Wilberforce


2 thoughts on “Pornography: The truth

  1. I have been struggling with how I can share some of my general thoughts about life etc and some of the things that I feel that God has given me to share, I have just stumbled upon your blog and just wanted to say it is so refreshing to read your honesty and truth and I pray that your blog will help girls and guys alike out there. If you shine a light in the darkness, there is nowhere to hide and the darkness is no more… All the best, and I look forward to reading your future blogs… 😉

    • Thanks moijoi! I really appreciate the feedback. I don’t know if you realize how much it helps! Also, thanks for praying. I know this is what God wants me to write about, but it is encouraging to know someone I don’t even know is praying with me. 🙂

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